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Prospective Students

Student learning Outcomes: 

1. Capable of writing a professional-quality technical report

2. Able to produce a reliable geologic map

3. Have a broad understanding of scientific concepts

4. Able to observe and describe natural phenomena and data

5. Ability to think quantitatively and have the mathematical ability to do so


CSU Long Beach's Department of Geological Sciences welcomes all qualified students interested in the Earth Sciences. CSULB is a beautiful campus, located only 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean and less than 1 hour's drive from a diverse wonderland of geologic exposures and outcrops. The Department is dynamic, growing, and a great place to pursue your degree or credential. For further information, please visit the links below and contact the appropriate departmental advisors.


Fossil Rock

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Advisor:
Prof. Tom Kelty
Phone: 562 985-4589
Fax: 562 985-8638

Graduate Program

Graduate Advisor:
Prof. Gregory Holk
Phone: 562 985-5006
Fax: 562 985-8638

Teaching Credential Geoscience