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Undergraduate Program

The Department offers two undergraduate degrees: B.S. in Geology and B.S. in Earth Science. Either degree will prepare you for careers or graduate study in the geosciences. Our undergraduate programs are designed with the conviction that, in an ever-changing and technologically-oriented industry and research environment, a student must have a strong geological background. As such, he/she needs a program that explores the fundamental geological processes, cultivates skills in integrative three-dimensional geological thinking, provides laboratory and field experience, and stimulates interest in the many subdisciplines of the geological sciences.

Within the B.S. in Geology degree program, students may elect to follow any one of five emphases:

Within the B.S. in Earth Science degree program, students may choose one of the following emphases:

Each degree and emphasis call for a different set of classes that will require a different number of total course units. Although there is a considerable amount of variability between these programs, they all share much of the same core curriculum of geology, math, and other science courses (i.e., chemistry, physics, and biology).

For further information, please visit the links above and contact the Department Office or the Undergraduate Advisor.

Last update: 2/24/10