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Bruce Perry


Department of Geological Sciences
California State University at Long Beach
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Long Beach, CA 90840
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Greetings from CSU Long Beach!   My main duty here in the Department of Geological Sciences is teaching courses in geology, oceanography and earth science.   In addition, I also make time to lead local scout troops through their geology merit-badge work, guide K-12 science teachers through professional-growth seminars, and construct educational web sites, which are listed below.   I am very fortunate to have a job which is challenging and stimulating, as well as a lot of fun!   In addition to teaching I enjoy hiking, camping, traveling, beach volleyball, photography, reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our department, or geology in general.


Links to some projects I am involved with:

Igneous Rocks Tour   This site introduces you to igneous rocks with text and photographs.

Sedimentary Rocks Tour   This site contains photographs and text for the student studying sedimentary rocks.

Metamorphic Rocks Tour   This site is designed to introduce you to metamorphic rocks with text and photographs.

Southern California Bight   This site employees satellite images to inform you about the ocean off the coast of southern California.   It is a collaboration of JPL oceanographers, with some very technical language.

Southern California Bight   (with language modified for non-scientists)

Mass Wasting   This site uses photographs, diagram, and text to explain the different types of landslides that affect Earth's surface.

Aerial Photography of Southern California   This site contains thousands of high-quality aerial photographs of southern California suitable for downloading and printing.   It is designed for use by educators as well as the general public, and to provide baseline data for future natural disasters and human development in the region.


Geology Course Links

Geol 105  Geology Field Laboratory

Geol 160  Introduction to Oceanography 

Geol 160L  Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory                                                                              

Geol 106  Earth Science for Teachers

Geol 280  Water Resources and Society

Geol 303 Coastal Systems and Human Impacts


Visit the Department of Geological Sciences, CSU Long Beach web site to learn more about the courses and resources we have to offer to the educational community.


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