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Richard J. (Rick) Behl
Department of Geological Sciences
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840-3902
Phone: 562-985-5850
Fax: 562-985-8638

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Hi, I'm Rick Behl, CSULB's sedimentologist. I teach classes in Stratigraphy & Sedimentology, Earth Systems & Global Change, Sedimentary Petrology, Petroleum Geology, Physical & Chemical Oceanography, and General Geology. My students and I collaborate with scientists from around the world to investigate many fundamental and applied aspects of the Earth System. In particular, I am interested in past global change (paleoceanography & paleoclimatology), the tectonic and sedimentary history of the California Margin, and the relationships between diagenesis and deformation, especially in the formation of chert in the Monterey Formation.


*Why study sediments?
*Sedimentology Lab & Graduate Student Research
*The Monterey Formation of California
*The MARS Project: Monterey and related sediment
*Paleoclimatic Change Along the California Margin as Shown by CT-Scans


*GEOL 300I: Earth Systems & Global Change Syllabus and Course Notes
*GEOL 465/565: Physical & Chemical Oceanography Syllabus
*GEOL 466: Oceanography Lab Links

Rick Behl

*AAPG Distinguished Lecture Tour
*Mini Curriculum Vitae (resume)
*Favorite Links

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